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    Welcome to Clear, Calculated and Vicious

    An exclusive group guided by Rob Bailey, a serial entrepreneur, musician, influencer and fitness industry pioneer.

    The CCV Philosophy

    CCV is for motivated and passionate individuals looking to set clear goals with a calculated blueprint to attack with vicious intent.

    We strive to define both the meaning of freedom and purpose in your life and lay a foundation for defining and comprehending your purpose.

    Meet your mentors

    Rob Bailey
    Dana Bailey

    Rob Bailey is a multi-talented individual, known for his prowess as a serial entrepreneur, musician, influencer, and pioneer of the fitness industry. He has an impressive track record, having founded ten companies and breathed life into another three, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. For Rob, the journey has always been more important than the destination. Rob's journey began at a young age, learning to cross-stitch with his mother and then designing, creating, and selling his own clothing throughout high school. He showed remarkable ingenuity and creativity, even designing his entire prom suit from scratch while playing three sports. After initially pursuing a career as a chef, he realized that he wanted more from life and shifted his focus to entrepreneurship.

    Rob founded his clothing brand and clothing line, Flag Nor Fail, out of his garage with just $400 to purchase a single t-shirt press. He built his online presence by recording selfie-style videos on YouTube, before it was a popular platform, and lived in a warehouse for eight months, sleeping on a single twin mattress on the ground with no heat or AC, working up to 22 hours a day. Rob did everything himself, from web design to shipping, and scaling. He later brought his brother on board as his Vice President, and they continued to make major strides in the fashion industry.

    Alongside his fashion career, Rob pursued music, releasing his first album in 2012 with his friend Charlie Hustle. Despite having only five tracks on both his first and second albums, he reached first place in the electronic genre on iTunes. His third album, titled 'GO,' reached the top five for all albums on iTunes and number 40 on Billboard Top 200 Albums for the year. Rob's music has been featured in ESPN, Under Armour, the NBA, the movie South Paw, and professional sports teams' entrance songs. Rob also launched his supplement company, Run Everything Labs, in 2015, which has since partnered to build two more supplement companies. He is also involved in high-performance car shops and starred in his reality TV series. Currently, Rob is building his real estate business, owning four unique and exclusive Air BnB properties, multiple warehouses in Montana, and a brand new HQ Warehouse.

    Rob's impact on the world of entrepreneurial growth is immense, and he inspires many with his daily motivational messages online. He is an excellent speaker and embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, proving that hard work can lead to a wildly entertaining life.

    Portrait picture of Rob Bailey standing in smokey room.
    Dana Bailey posing in a gym.
    Rob Bailey yelling into a microphone on stage.
    Monochrome image of Rob Bailey leaning back in office chair in front of a white background.
    Rob and Dana Bailey posing on a green hummer in front of Flag Nor Fail headquarters.
    Dana bailey posing in a gym.


    What you put in, is what you will get out of it. Rob and Dana are real about what it takes to be successful, they share what they have learned from their wins but more importantly, their loses. This group isn’t for wall flowers. They have helped me figure out a lot about myself and how to get where I want to go, but I wouldn’t have made any progress without consistently putting in the work for over a year now.

    Christina Lardie

    I’ve been with CCV since its inception. In the beginning, I was only able to stay on for a few months due to financial reasons. I absorbed what I could from Rob and his team. I don’t own a business; I joined for personal growth and growth in my career field as a federal employee. Recently, I was promoted at my job to supervise a team of 40. Now more than ever, Rob's and Dana’s insight will be crucial to my development as a leader!

    Michelle Lucena


    I can’t recommend this coaching group enough!! It has broadened my mind in ways I never thought possible. It has also given me the opportunity to network with people looking to take their lives to the next level and would love nothing more than to help you do the same. Rob and Dana offer incredible insight that will help in both your business and personal lives!

    Kaleb Taff

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