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    About Me

    I’d like to introduce you to Rob Bailey. Rob is a serial entrepreneur, musician, influencer and pioneer in the fitness industry. Between the 4 companies he founded and built from scratch as well as another 3 companies he helped to create, his combined gross income totals in the 8-figures annually and is quickly on his way to 9. Everything is not necessarily all about results, so let’s get into his journey.


    What started as learning to cross-stitch with his mother at the young age of 7, morphed into a high school career of designing, creating, and selling his clothing. From girls handbags and dresses, to a special hoodie that carried a bag of flour which represented the senior students project of caring for a baby, Rob showed massive ingenuity at a young age. Written up by the local newspaper for designing his entire prom suit from scratch, it was clear that he had promise in the field of fashion.
    Shifting directions however, he dropped out of college and football to pursue a career as an executive chef working at a restaurant in West Chester, PA. What slowly turned into a “career” at QVC, he married his college sweetheart, bought a house, and started living what most would consider a regular life. He proclaims a self-realization later in a hit song that goes, and I quote “We had all the things that you're supposed to do, and as we’re doing it, I always thought, this feels f*cking stupid”. We’ll get into the music later.
    From there it was off to the races. Staking his claim in the fashion industry, he formed his brand and clothing line Flag Nor Fail out of his small garage and $400 which purchased his single t-shirt press in 2008. He built an online presence recording selfie-style videos on Youtube, before Youtube was really a ‘thing’ and, well, before selfies were selfies. Upgrading from his personal garage to a Warehouse, he spent the next 8 months, living there; sleeping on a single twin mattress on the ground, with no heat or AC. Working upwards of 22 hours a day, which he live streamed online, he hand printed every single piece of clothing which began to ship not just locally, but internationally. With his Wife Dana by his side, the two of them catapulted their fame simultaneously with their business. From one warehouse to the next, constantly expanding, he continued to grow at a rapid rate. Rob literally did everything himself, from photoshoots, to video edits, to web design, marketing, printing, shipping, and scaling. It wasn’t until 2013 that he brought on his little brother, Drew Bailey, as his Vice President and together the family began to make major strides in the industry.
    Paralleling that timeline, Rob as a musician, released his first album in 2012 along side his high school friend Charlie Hustle. With both his first and second albums only having 5 tracks each, he still reached 1st place in Electronic Genre on itunes. His 3rd album, titled ‘GO’, reached Top 5 for All albums on iTunes and number 40 on Billboard Top 200 Albums for the Year. He has since released 2 more albums with his first solo project releasing next month. Rob’s music has had placements on ESPN, Under Armour, the NBA, the movie South Paw, countless Professional Sports teams entrance songs, and even quoted in a Mark Cuban video as being Mark’s go-to song in the gym. 
    His supplement company, Run Everything Labs, launched in 2015 and has since partnered to build two more supplement companies. While his high performance street racing car shop and starring in his own reality tv series are just blurbs in the journey of his life, he continues to grow and achieve in ways many only emulate to.
    In 2017 the team took its latest big step by relocating the HQ from Reading PA to Whitefish MT. With that, Rob is currently building out his real estate business. Owning a public gym back in Reading PA along with now owning 4 unique, exclusive Air BnB properties along with multiple warehouses in Montana. Preparing to break ground on yet more land, Rob has also started construction on their brand new HQ Warehouse, his fantasy factory. With daily motivation streaming from his online presence, his impact on the world of entrepreneurial growth is immense. Proving that hard work can equal a wildly entertaining life, Rob is a great mind, along with an excellent and amazing speaker who bodies the entrepreneurial spirit that can light a fire in anyone.