Clear, Calculated and Vicious

    Run Everything Labs

    In 2015 we launched Onward. Onward was a product that I wanted to bring to the market because at the time, nothing like it had existed. From traveling, working, holding seminars, and meeting tons of people... I was tired of having to buy 5 different products just to receive all the effects that I was looking for... immune support, energy, focus, and mood enhancement. Onward did just that. 

    After the success of Onward we realized that we were capable of making supplements specifically to cater our needs. Dana was getting ready to compete on Ninja Warrior and I asked the formulator who made Onward to make me a sample product for joint support that would help her get through to new stimulus on her body. He sent me a bottle of capsules that after Dana took for 3 days... made her body feel 100% again. That product became AMF Joint Support and that's what made us realize we could start a supplement line and stand apart from others. 

    I always tell everyone first, "You don't need supplements." This philosphy is one of the reasons that we like to only provide the standard supplements that we believe in and nothing that claims to add 18lbs of lean muscle in 2 weeks. The line has evolved into a full comprehensive line and now with branching into the Vegan market I am pumped to see where we can get this Brand to go...